Consumer Generated Marketing

  • Consumers are the main elements of any product or service provider.
  • In simple terms, consumer generated marketing is the brand exchange created by the consumer themselves.
  • Consumers share their own experiences with the brand through blogs, video sharing sites, image and photo on social media platform.
  • Consumer generated marketing is a reflection of consumer loyalty towards the brand. That generates the positive response for the brand.
  • For instance, Starbucks had a white cup doodle contest in April 2014 where the consumer had to design their cups and submit the photos as entries. Nearly 4000 customers submitted entries in a 3-week span. It was a great way to earn publicity and proved that they value their customer feedback.
  • Even Oreo India had the doodle contest that inspired imagination with the cookie. The fans were invited to create doodle using a cookie and the doodle was shared on social media.
  • Consumer generated marketing creates an honest experience of the consumer with the brand that even assists the brand to know what their consumer wants.

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