Coca-Cola to launch new range of cheaper aerated drinks

  • Localization and regionalisation have always been hitting globalization, especially when it comes to taste in India.
  • A few months back, consumer goods giants like HUL, were greatly hit by Patanjali and were forced to launch their own ayurvedic products.
  • Now, Coca-cola, aerated soft-drinks giant, has hit the B-Brands and is forced to launch a cheaper range of products.
  • To survive the competition from local brands, Coca-cola has come up with a new value based and price conscious product which will be 30-40% cheaper than the coke and sprite.
  • The new launches will be in local flavors of lemon, jeera, and orange and will be available in 200 ml glass bottles at Rs.12 and 250 ml cans at Rs.25
  • The intimation that GST implementation will increase the price of aerated drinks and drop the prices of bottled water, has given the company an opportunity to expand its product portfolio.
  • The company is expected to launch Monster energy drink, which is in talks for a long-term partnership in India to boost sales, since 2014.

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