Burgered: Is McDonald’s on a self-destruction mode in India?

  • The three F’s of service marketing, reckons Philip Kotler, are fast, flexible, and friendly. Clearly, McDonald’s North and East India operation has failed terribly on all these three counts.
  • From worms to lizards to fungus to finger nails, all kinds of ‘foreign’ objects have been reportedly served to consumers along with burger and fries.
  • There are issues regarding the supply chain and product quality due to which CRPL (Connaught Plaza Restaurants) have temporarily suspended operations of 43 out of its 55 outlets in Delhi.
  • Clearly, the brand which made Indians familiar with American fast food has been dealt a body blow.
  • When a brand takes a hit, the ripple effect is felt by all stakeholders. Compromising on the quality of food served to consumers in some parts of the country doesn’t augur well for the brand which has strict quality standards across the globe.
  • A different stroke for different people is not a great dictum for a global brand. McDonald’s needs to realize that India is a very important market for brands today.
  • The four things that a brand needs to invest and maintain are: reputation value, symbolic value, experience value and relationship value. McDonald’s neglected all of it. The consumers were tolerant as they believed in brand and had strong emotional connect. But the blow came and the relationship of reliability and being like a family member changed.
  • “I am lovin it,” says CMO of a rival burger chain. “McDonald’s actually doesn’t need a rival. It’s on a self-destruction mode in India.”
  • Can the brand, which gave burgers a generic name like what Bisleri did to mineral water, fight back? Well, the jury is still out.
Source: http://bit.ly/2tox4Gi


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