Brands team up with Kids to take on Exam Pressure

This is that time of the year when you can see kids constantly inside their homes, sunk by the weight of their books, and staying away from the radar of nosy neighbours and relatives.

Brands have gone a step ahead this year, to empower the kids to do their best as exams inch nearer day by day. Sometimes it is important to remind our little champs that it’s okay not to be stressed all the time.


  • FCB Ulka, has always been ahead in the game when it comes to stringing together a creative campaign, and the agency did it again working with Horlicks, conceptualizing the campaign #FearlessKota. Kota is a city in Rajasthan, famous for the throng of students who pool in there to prepare for Engineering Entrance Exams. As most of these kids are away from home, their craving for proper nutrition is both imperative and unavoidable. Horlicks came up with this idea where parents can send their children a Bottle of Love filled up with their children’s favourite food item. The emotional connect and smell of home cooked food, surely did wonders to shake off the exam pressure.


  • Ogilvy India, another one of the major creative agencies, took a stand along with Bournvita with their campaign “The Exam Collection”. Society has always tantalized students with the promise of a secure future only if they choose to pursue a career in certain socially validated professional courses. Dreams have always been stifled by this injustice, and it’s time we changed this. Bournvita took a few parents to a clothing store that had only black shirts, putting the parents in a dilemma as to how to make a choice. Drawing an analogy, the kids then explained their similar dilemma regarding their career choices.


  • Linc Pentonic’s Exam Warriors campaign draws contrast between the kind of commitment and focus that is needed in a work environment with the pressure that kids go through during their exam duration. The students these days are more and more into brands that stand for a cause and also increasingly operate out of their comfort zone. The lesson that we need to impart is that it is important to be a better person than a top performer in exams.


Life is a lot more complicated than exams and performance, as our generation is learning this lesson, we need to impart the same to Generation Z. The world is filled with opportunities, and only by breaking the chains our society has imposed on kids can they explore, and confidently foray ahead towards success.




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