Ariel asks Men to share the load

Award-winning movement #ShareTheLoad by Ariel has been unearthing the reality of inequality within households since 2015.They have recently launched the third season recently as more work needs to be done to diminish gender equality,The issue that has been raised through the most recent edition – “Are we teaching our sons, what we teach our daughters?”

  • In India, Even as women have become more independent and many are now leading corporate houses, most of them continue to handle household chores all alone.
  • Urging mothers to be changemakers and start teaching their sons to #Sharetheload, Ariel ad inspires youth to transform into the generation of equals.
  • Ariel wants to reach the root of the problem, and raise questions regarding the upbringing children receive.
  • Daughters are unknowingly conditioned to believe they are the exclusive caretakers of the household, which creates an unbalance between their professional and personal lives.
  • Teaching sons basic skills like cooking and cleaning might help them become better life partners in the future.
  • To bring in light, the issue of uneven distribution of domestic chores, Ariel released the first campaign in 2015 – “Is laundry only a woman’s job?” and “Dad’s share the load” in 2016.
  • Along with raising these issues, Ariel also provides the optimal solution to bridge the gaps in our society.
  • Keeping Laundry central in the movement, Ariel encourages mothers to realize the unspoken social conditioning and give men another reason to share the load.

 Ariel motivated change by showcasing solutions and triggering conversations, inspiring people to engage and address the issue of gender inequality. They dug deep, put their values on display and built an even tighter bond with consumers around shared beliefs, successfully tackled the issue of gender inequality with a campaign that fit within their brand niche and is also a key issue for their marketing demographic.

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