Brands tap trolls to connect to netizens

  • There is a growing trend of internet trolling, with brands looking to spice up their social engagement.
  • Trolling is certainly being used as a way to break the clutter because people are bombarded with tons of information from several screens.
  • It’s the weapon of choice for `Newsjackers’ who take a piece of news and ridicule it through their social media handles.
  • Brand consultants opine that while trolls can alter the brand popularity online, it does little to detract loyalists.
  • Digital marketers say that ‘trolling and its management’ is a much needed strategy today. For larger brands, managing trolls and thereby the online reputation is becoming a part of their marketing plan.
  • Trolling helps brands have a dialogue with its users. Marketers say that more than the immediate impact, the trail that trolling leaves behind, has an impact in the long run.
  • Netizens who would want to try the brand would be dissuaded because of the negative impact the trolls create.


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