Brands action and communications are flowing through the prism of empathy and compassion to maintain public relation during coronavirus crisis


Amid Covid19 audience and brands are struggling alike to get into a normal condition, and it is reflected in the subjects of commercial promotions on TV.

  • The virus is on top of everyone’s priority list. It’s time to blast corona themed content into social media feeds or on TV. Some brands are sharing corona themed content. This shows their audience that they’re plugged into what’s going on while still delivering top quality content. Other brands have decided to shift their social strategy to share specific coronavirus-related tips that will help their audience during this difficult period. Brands are continuously engaging their audience, with a healthy dose of empathy.
  • TAM data reflects a steep rise in ad volumes of Coronavirus themed communication by brands. Initially, the themed communication ads volume was only 26 minutes in 1st week of march, whereas 3083 minutes 2nd week and 11,000 minutes in the last week of March, which was the highest volumes were recorded.
  • The no. of category advertisement amidst the Covid19 theme has also increased, not only hygiene brands and personal care brands but diverse categories now advertising on the same topic.
  • A total of 172 brands from 66 categories have advertised on television with messaging focussed on coronavirus awareness.
  • A market giant like Hindustan Unilever and ITC were top 2 advertisers which were using messages related to coronavirus, and Reliance-Jio-Infocomm, Star Cement, and Piccadilly Agro Industries are in top 5 among all brands. 
  • Advertisers are using the reference of the published report of BARC and advertisers to flocking to those channels which are attracting maximum eyeballs.

Observing the forward steps of the government, NGOs about Coronavirus related awareness by social ads, and looking at its popularity than usual communication, Marketers and advertisers are building an emotional connect and positive brand image of their brands by switching Coronavirus themed campaigns to create an emotional connection among the audience. 




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