Bajaj is looking to buy niche brands; aims to raise market share

Bajaj Corp is planning to capture different market segments by extending its ‘Almond Drops’ platform by introducing new and better products in hair oils and other personal care to leverage on the strong connotation of almond with nutrition.
  • Bajaj Corp, as a part of its growth plan, is trying to convert coconut hair oil users to light hair oil users through different marketing strategies.
  • They are aiming to capture 65% in light hair oil segment by 2018-19.
  • They are focusing on targeting niche brands as their strategy to earn benefit from light hair oil category.
  • To enter in skin care category Bajaj Corps acquired NoMarks brand from Ozone Ayurvedics in 2013.
  • They are looking to seek inorganic growth opportunities in FMCG and hair oil market as a part of growth strategy.


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