Kirana stores to get a modern twist

There are more than 10 million kirana stores in India. This traditional trade has become the growth engines for FMCG products as they make up for at least three-fourths of overall FMCG sales in the country. This has got the marketer researchers thinking and putting into action the plans to get this Kirana stores to up their game a bit with the help of Snap Bizz.
  • The traditional trade which until now was considered to be a black box in favor of discovering which inputs (stimuli) to produce the desired output (buying response) is now offering an opportunity to manufacturers to optimize their sales.
  • Snap Bizz a tech startup is trying to connect all these kirana stores with tablets and latest technology so that one can track stock of goods at one’s neighborhood Kirana store but order through their smartphone app as well.
  • According to some studies, Snap Bizz has already given the modern twist to almost 3000 Kirana stores across India.
Let’s see how these mom-and-pop stores handle their modern touch and if they help to prove if digitalization is always profitable.


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