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Are FMCG firms facing Negative Influencer Marketing Impact?

Influencer marketing involves endorsements and merchandise placements for the corporate to make their brand reach a wider scale. One negative incident will tarnish the image of all the other several brands. Additionally, the pandemic condition had an impact on the marketing structure of FMCG companies. According to the reports, 85% of the FMCG firms have been impacted as they were in association with an influencer and out of which 24% of the companies have been affected multiple times. These FMCG companies have either maintained their influencer spending as it was at the preCovid-19 level or it has increased slightly. Since FMCG companies are satisfied with the return of investment from influencers in the overall market so they are planning to spend 50% on social media influencer postcovid-19.

It can be said that one negative incident with an influencer can raise questions towards brands even after building it after years of trust and loyalty. The companies must undergo reasonable steps to avoid any offence in the future and ought to have a proper background check in social media about their present and past issues.

But can this regain the trust of the audience?

  • Company must take time to know their target audience and then go through an audience research process.
  • Company must choose the right influencer and should not take an influencer at ‘face value’.

The right question to raise is when and how they should be integrated into overall marketing plans. With its growing role, firms got to take a lot more strategic and proactive approach to define how and when they should use influencers. It is crucial that the influencer’s content must align with the brand’s overall image. A clearly outlined goal makes it much easier to see what influencers are the best choices to participate in the brand’s strategies.


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  1. Dayal swaroop Mathur

    With market bouncing back aggressive marketing can put back the sales increasing the employment potential,tax collection,and other consequential benefits. A thorough marketing research about AMAZON success in marketing should be undertaken so that Indian companies can develop their strategies for marketing.

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