Amazon India to now give its sellers a damage allowance; introduces ‘Seller Flex’ programme 

  • In another move to please its sellers, Amazon India will give them an allowance to cover for potential damage in transit. The company said it will pay sellers a fixed percentage of the selling price of every unit shipped. 
  • Amazon has introduced damage allowance in ‘Seller Flex’ for certain categories as part of their endeavour to continue providing a good seller experience on this channel. 
  • At present, the allowance will be given for products in the apparel, shoes, watches and luggage categories and is applicable to sellers selling via the ‘Seller Flex’ programme. 
  • ‘Seller Flex’ is a programme where Amazon replicates its warehousing practices around inventory management, quality control, packaging and shipping at the facilities owned by third-party sellers, reducing the cost of shipping inventory from seller premises to Amazon’s warehouse. 


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