Adman Ram Subramanian Wants Fair & Lovely to Perish by Independence Day 2017, Here’s Why

  • Ad filmmaker Ram Subramanian, famous for his take on social issues, has launched a campaign against HUL’s fairness crèmeFair & Lovely.
  • Titled #LetsUncolour, the campaign asksFair & Lovely(and all other fairness products) to go off shelves by August 15, 2017 and this campaign is quite trending well.
  • Fair & Lovely is a skin-lightening cosmetic product of Hindustan Unilever introduced to the market in India in 1975 and is one of Hindustan Unilever’s most successful cosmetics lines.
  • Traditionally, in a country like India where girls are expected to be fair and beautiful in appearance, HUL had a huge target market here for Fair & Lovely.
  • On one hand Fair & Lovely is supporting this stereotype, while Dove is fuelling its efforts to break it. Dove’s communication always speaks about how women should feel confident in their own skin. Dove never stars celebrities or models to endorse their products.
  • Now the things are changing eventually. The definition of beauty is changing for the millennials.
  • Brands like Dove, Tanishq, Anouk, Whisper and much more are taking efforts through their advertising campaigns to break the age-old stereotypes and bring about a positive change in the society.
  • Do you think Fair & Lovely can make through this storm of #LetsUncolour? Do you support Ram?

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