A startup that focuses on creating meditation zones in corporate campuses

  • Ashwin Srisailam, a former monk turned entrepreneur and Diane Bacchus-Quddus got together to set up an app called Ahhaa in 2015.
  • The app, launched by AR Rahman, was then a platform for inner growth and fulfillment.
  • The focus has now shifted to creating ‘Ahhaa spaces’ or meditation zones in corporate and educational campuses.
  • The aim is to help with inner growth using content for inner well-being. The first such space is coming up at Avantika University in Ujjain, followed by one each at the HCL campus and at Cambridge University Press campus in New Delhi.
  • While the content has been created based on insights from the founders, the music for the Ahhaa Space has been specially licensed by AR Rahman himself. The content will focus on four key areas, insights, inspiration, music and meditation.
  • The trigger for setting up this venture was the realization that most people working in corporate jobs, and students, face a high degree of stress in their daily lives, which impacts both their personal and professional life.
  • These spaces would use virtual reality, audio and video content presented over small three-five minute capsules on specific topics, aimed towards inner growth and ‘feeling awesome’.
  • To start with, the spaces would be 1000 sq ft but will move to smaller cafe-like formats as well over time.
Source: http://bit.ly/2l2xexS

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