3 Marketing Trends for 2018

Marketing has become a race between those who smoke the competition in raising the bar to change with the times, and those who trail behind. For the latter group, things are about to get a whole lot harder, as the pace of change is accelerating. Here are three marketing trends which are in the forecast for 2018.
1. Consumer-controlled privacy –
  • B2B or B2C? The truth is that most consumer’s information is out there, but what really matters is whether brands are using that information to better consumer’s lives or if they’re simply using that data for drilling cash.
  • The shift towards B2C thinking has become apparent so much that now consumers can tell which brands are marketing from a B2C approach and those that are targeting B2B opportunities.
2. Algorithm-based customer experiences –
·  Artificial Intelligence is going to determine customer journeys in such a way that prevents customers from having to re-explain their context every time they move into a new channel.
  • One of the most impactful projected changes is the ability for consumers to direct their ad experience. So to sharpen their edge, brands must leverage their positions as the centre of client’s universes.
3. Unification between marketing and customer-facing roles –
  • With consistency and streamlined datasets, brands can and must unify customer-facing functions with all touch points leading up to client engagement.
  • The expectations of employees and customers will impact the bottom line, and these expectations include collaboration, communication, and idea-sharing much like with social media interactions.
Consumer privacy, AI, and optimized customer experiences are just the beginning of the next era of marketing. Brands that prepare for this new frontier are in the best position. Those that take the worn path will find themselves worn out, facing the possibility of collapse. 
 Source- http://bit.ly/2rBbTDQ

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