High fashion is going Hi-tech in France

Technology is affecting our daily life or we can say it is making our life simpler and easier. Whether we are talking about communication, shopping or globalisation, technology has changed our way of looking at things or using them and now is the turn of fashion to go hi-tech.
  • Julien Fournie, a French fashion designer and CEO of his own company Haute Couture, is one of the very few designers who is bringing technology in fashion.
  • Fournier is creating accessories from 3D printers and sketches virtually.
  • Fournie’s experiment with iPad design earned him a visit from Apple CEO Tim Cook, who got there to see how the instruments have been getting used.
  • The designer believes that in fashion, technology is interesting when it disappears and it is the reason that his high-tech approach was barely noticeable in his Asian-inspired collection.
  • To continue his passion for making fashion high-tech the designer is also collaborating with French 3D engineering and software company.
Technology always teaches us that nothing is unattainable and if you have a passion for doing something that is different than you actually can do that. Fournie has opened the gate of technology in the field of fashion and it is interesting to see the accessories made up by 3D printer but the only question that arises is WHAT NEXT?
Source – http://bit.ly/2nipYQR
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