10 Ways Google Chrome’s Proposed Ad Blocker Could Impact Advertisers

Google’s announcement about adding a built-in ad blocker to Chrome presents an opportunity to advertisers. “Creating a set of advertising quality standards seems like a natural move for Google.” – Nina Hale, Nina Hale, Inc.
  1. Advertisers Will Be Forced to Create Better Ad Experiences
It will create a less cluttered ad environment and block “bad ad” experiences (pop-ups, sliders and auto-play sound-on videos). This would force the industry to start creating and enforcing standards on acceptable ad experiences.
  1. Influencer Marketing Will Become More Vital
As ads become less visible, other forms of advertising will become more vital, including influencer marketing.
  1. Expect an Improvement in ROI and a Reduction in Waste
Advertisers want to pay for ads that perform; intrusive ads and those that aren’t relevant don’t perform. This might be the incentive needed for advertisers and publishers to focus on quality experiences that target the best audience
  1. Change May Force Some Ad Publishers To Switch Their Advertising Network Over To Google
Presumably, Google is not going to block its own display network of ads. Advertisers can simply pour more budget into Google’s display network and the traditional search network of ads.
  1. The Long-Term Impact Will Be A Slow Migration Toward Consumer-Centred Branded
  2. Talk with Clients about Shifting to Social Media
This change could drive a migration of web advertisers to social media.
  1. Look For Creative Approaches, Like Website Skins – Brock Murray, Seoplus+
  2. Earned And Sponsored Media Content Is More Important Than Ever.
Source:  http://bit.ly/2sXlKR8

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