Why Dr Pepper is Ditching ‘One of a Kind’

  • Dr Pepper is no longer One of a Kind. Or at least it won’t be marketed that way. In a strategic shift, the brand is editing its “Always One of a Kind” campaign in favour of a new effort called “The One You Crave”.
  • Dr Pepper debuted “Always One of a Kind” in 2012 with a spot showing hundreds of Pepper fans taking to the streets touting their originality by wearing t-shirts.
  • This tagline lasted only 5 years, Dr Pepper has a long history of playing up its uniqueness in marketing, including a slogan used in the 1970s that declared it as “the most original soft drink ever”.
  • The campaign comes as soda continues to face backlash driven by health concerns. But Dr Pepper has fared better than most big soda brands.
  • Derek Dabrowski, VP Marketing, said that he recognises that they are a soda and are not curing world hunger. They are not going out and doing anything heavy handed. They are a fun treat.
Source: http://bit.ly/2mjbbmr

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