WhatsApp has introduced verified accounts for businesses

The world’s largest messaging app WhatsApp launched a new service in a move that brings it closer to monetizing its free platform.
  • WhatsApp will now provide green badges to select business accounts after a thorough scrutiny of its information.
  • This new feature is still in its pilot phase.
  • Through this feature, users will come to know that they are chatting with a verified business accounts on the other side.
  • A yellow text bubble will appear in the chat if the account is verified.
  • In general, users are able to delete the messages and chats from a regular conversation, but conversation through verified account cannot be deleted.
  • Providing this special feature is an effort to make businesses appear more trustworthy on the messaging app.
  • This feature will encourage more businesses to get on the platform and play safe.
  • WhatsApp’s parent company, Facebook already assigns a grey badge to the verified businesses. The two most popular social platforms continue to grow closer in features.
WhatsApp and other social media platforms are trying to serve the users in better ways either by adding special security features or by adding colourful features like status update to make the application interesting.
Source: http://bit.ly/2vDM2Ze


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