Self drive car co Zoomcar plans to foray further into east and south India

  • Self-driven Zoomcar is currently across 24 cities in India, top markets are Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.
  • 200 employees are working under Zoomcar right now with 3000 cars and plan to increase the fleet size twice and also the revenue twice this financial year.
  • Zoomcar is developing Internet of things based solution to reduce accidents by 50% and enhance the experience by preventing breakdowns.
  • It is preparing to host a day long musical getaway, Zoomapalooza, on the out skirts of Bengaluru to drive its new brand message of ‘NEVER STOP LIVING’ with a marketing budget of over ₹2 crore.
In the new logo of the company, the letter ‘Z’ signifies the ‘Never Stop Living’ attitude represented by an eagle/bird taking flight which Greg Moran(CEO and co-founder of Zoomcar) says resonates with the youth wanting to diversify into more experiential travel nowadays.


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