Tupperware Launches Digital Campaign, CookEatLove

  • Tupperware India has launched a digital campaign to celebrate Indians and their love for food. Focusing on the brand’s refrigerator range, the campaign aims to empower the Tupperware users.
  • Consumers were given new Tupperware products and asked to share the recipes created using the same. Tupperware has been a part of the Indian family for the past 21 years.
  • With this campaign, Tupperware aims to celebrate this month of love by applauding the bond between Tupperware products and consumers by talking about what brings these 2 together – Food. Hence the name, CookEatLove
  • Food is celebrated in India, it is a way by which mothers and spouses show that they care. Tupperware’s main strategy has been to engage consumers while keeping the product at the heart of the engagement.
Source:  http://bit.ly/2lJWb2y

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