The cardinal sins of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on using key leaders to drive your brand’s message to the larger market. It opens up a new channel for brands to connect with consumers on a larger scale.  
  • An influencer is perceived as somebody with a really high social reach and not necessarily as somebody who is actually capable of altering people’s behaviour/mindset.
  • Brands have begun to consider Influencer marketing as a fad and this has to be changed so that we can utilize them in a proper way.
  • An influencer is a category ambassador who yields the power to convince and convert people into his/her category and alter purchase decisions.
  • For example, if an influencer is good in the Automobile industry then it is advisable for Automobile brands to use him/her rather than using someone who is good in the food industry.
  • We tend to give more attention to the influencer demographic than their follower demographics.
  • Influencers can be used for everything from focus groups, to gathering in-depth feedback on products to content creation to creating a network of strong ambassadors for the brand.
  • We can get the most honest results from influencers which in turn helps the brand deliver a better quality product to the customer.
  • Also, various dark social channels like WhatsApp groups and closed FB groups can be accessed by influencers.
  • Such influencers strategies are far more effective than getting a thousand people to tweet with your hashtag, to make it trend for an hour.
The DNA of influencer marketing lies in authenticity and relatability. It’s about demonstrating credibility in your industry. And by using the right set of influencers, impactful advertising can take shape.

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