Retailer Have Lost the Email Capture War: 3 Ways to Turn the Tide

  • Email capture is a critical marketing tool for retailers. It accounts for 17% of the total digital budgets for marketers in the US every year. Although the current methods of email capture have been ineffective because of they offer minimal value for the customer.
  • There are techniques that retailers can use to reinvigorate customer motivation for participating in email marketing campaigns. Some of them are:
    • Implementation of Free in-store Wi-Fi: This kind of marketing is a very good option that is often overlooked by the retailers. The availability of free Wi-Fi can make or break the shopping experience for many customers.
    • It is a win-win situation for both as shoppers can access the retailer’s mobile site while retailers can learn more about the users while offering better shopping experience.
    • Digital Payments and Receipts: By using these 2 methods, retailers can capture emails at the point-of-sale (POS) transaction stage, while offering additional convenience and incentive to the customer.
    • Digital payments reduce a customer’s carbon footprint, allowing them to track an entire purchase history in the email boxes. These can be leveraged into customer loyalty programs, coupons and more.
    • Technological Innovations: Retailers should start making better use of technology in-stores in a way that challenges traditional customer psychology. From augmented reality to high-tech kiosks, new technology opens doors for reshaping the retail shopping experience.
    • Crate & Barrel in the US, launched a tablet based experience that bridges the gap between e-commerce and brick and mortar. This saw a sharp increase in its email sign up rate from 26% to 41%.

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