Reddit Introduces Video Ads That Play Automatically

To encourage more video consumption and advertising on the platform, Reddit has introduced video ads that play automatically. Now Users won’t have to rely on links from outside video sites like YouTube to share video. Its new video player lets people upload directly to the app or website.
  • Reddit is trying to develop a platform with mass-media appeal from a hub of niche interests. It has raised $200 million for this move.
  • Reddit’s core function lets the community vote on users’ posts, elevating the biggest vote-getters on the page.
  • They want to keep that traffic and make video a more integral experience.
The video ads will stick to the top of the screen while allowing people to scroll through comments on them.
Reddit must be very careful while dealing with the issues like piracy and copyrights of the content. They will have to invest heavily in technology which can identify such issues.


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