Pepsi rolls out labels in eight regional languages

  • In perhaps a first for any multinational in the country, PepsiCo has started regional language labeling on its beverage cans and bottles in a bid to attract local consumers and take on fiercely competitive regional rivals.
  • The US cola and snacks maker is using popular words in seven other languages —Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu — on Pepsi bottles and cans sold in those states.
  • PepsiCo is giving local relevance to our packaging and messaging in an attempt to connect with its multilingual consumers.
  • There is no decision yet on whether localized packaging messaging would be extended to other brands such as Mountain Dew, 7 Up and Mirinda carbonated drinks, and Tropicana juices.
  • Regional packaging involves higher backend costs, but officials at PepsiCo said the costs were not steep.
  • Marketing and brand consultant Harish Bijoor said the move may help PepsiCo deal with local challenges and setbacks such as the recent boycott by traders in Tamil Nadu.
  • Labeling in local languages has an emotive appeal and it’s not like the earlier times when brands could make do with random attempts at localization.


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