Online lingerie brand PrettySecrets to launch brick and mortar stores

  • Online lingerie brand PrettySecrets is making an entry in brick and mortar retailing with the launch of two stand alone stores in Mumbai. The brand will also launch additional 30 stores by 2017 and 300 stores by 2019.
  • The first two stores that the brand is going to launch would be company owned stores and for the rest 28 stores, the brand would follow franchising business model. 
  • The average investment PrettySecrets is putting is around Rs 50 lakh. However, for the franchise stores, the investment range would be between Rs 35 lakh to 60 lakh, depending on the size and location of those stores. 
  • Twenty of these stores would be located in Mumbai and rest of the stores can be pan India. 

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Kartik Deshpande

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