ICICI Bank launches ‘Mera iMobile’, a multilingual mobile banking app for rural customers

  • ICICI Bank has launched the Mera iMobile app designed as a one-stop solution for a range of digital services targeting rural & semi-urban customers.
  • The app available in 11 local languages, provides 135 services like electronic transfer of funds, providing weather updates, up to date prices of vegetable in mandi, managing bank accounts & fund transfers, tracking cards & loans, making payments for utility services, finding out information relevant to farmers, etc.
  • Users who are not ICICI Bank customers can also download & get access to an agri-related advisory on mandi prices and weather, apply for plastic cards and loans from ICICI.
  • Options available for both Gold loan and Tractor loan.
  • Users can make payments for Agri Banking services like Kisan Credit Cards through linked ICICI Bank savings accounts.
  • Other Agri-services for mandi prices (with pricing information on over 230 crops across 460 mandis) & weather (forecast for rain & temperatures, current humidity, etc) for users by selecting state, city, and taluka also included.
  • ICICI will set up Wi-Fi enabled posters pan India in local branches in those areas, allowing rural users to download the app it without incurring data charges.
  • The bank also plans to roll out the posters in busy intersections on vans and cycles.
Source: http://bit.ly/2nAr9xz

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