How to make brand viral in less expenditure

It is very easy to viral the brand by huge investment but these are the ways which will incur less cost and increase the brand presence in the market.
  • Feeling vs information
People do not care about information that a brand provides they care about feeling and emotions that a brand is generating. Sometimes feelings and emotions in an advertisement help to build recall value to any brand.
  • Form social responsible story
The buying behaviour of the consumer is influenced by emotion not with logic. The well-formed social responsible story will be spread by people among themselves and this result in decrease in the extra advertisement expense.
  • Attention seeking potential
Identifying the emotion of consumers helps to script the sales. Sometimes generating social proof helps to create confidence in the consumer’s mind which helps to grab attention.
Adding unexpected climax at the end of the advertisement also helps to seek attention of consumers.
  • Beautiful jingles
There should be a call for action in your beautiful jingles. Sometimes very good musical jingles fix into consumers’ mind and set instructions and call for action.
  • Insecurities and fear
There are various brands that explore insecurities and fear and magnify them and later they generate a sense of compulsion to buy those brands. This strategy is mostly used by skin care brands.
All these useful ways help to viral the brand and it also decreases advertisement budgets. There is no doubt that digital medium is also very cost effective but these are some unique ways to build brand strength.


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