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How to Create a Better Brand Experience: Move Beyond the Customer Journey -

How to Create a Better Brand Experience: Move Beyond the Customer Journey

 The expression customer journey, can at times be a bit misleading because it can be taken to imply that there is an end, a conclusion. Companies that want to reach their full potential now need to understand the importance of maintaining a permanent presence in the lives of customers.
  • Know your audience-
Not many years ago, businesses wanted to know who was buying from them, or collect information on audience demographics, in order to tailor a sales pitch.
But what you need to do now is care beyond a certain type of product. What are the broader interests of your audience and how well you can associate yourself with those interests.
For example, Nike built an empire by being not just a shoe but a brand that represented an entire achievement-oriented lifestyle. In a similar way, Starbucks is positioned not just as a place to get a cup of coffee but also as representative of a particular outlook on society.
  • Educate for trust –
Today’s connected consumer is strongly concerned with credibility.  More and more businesses are providing free educational content, developing brand loyalty in the process. By establishing your company as a reliable authority in a broad area of interest, you encourage the trust that most people want to feel before they consider doing business.
  • Embrace influencers –
Influencer marketing is now very much the mainstream. Customers like to rely heavily on the recommendations of third parties they encounter on social media. By associating yourself with an influencer, you avail yourself the credibility that goes with an already-established relationship or bond.
No matter how good your product is, you will fall short of your potential if too few people know about it, or if you put it in front of the wrong people, or if you don’t provide a positive experience.

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