Go hands-free: New WhatsApp update for iOS allows Siri to read out messages 

  • Bearing version number 2.17.20, the new WhatsApp update introduces the ability to make Siri read out the latest WhatsApp messages received by the user. 
  • After the update, users can have Siri read their messages by saying, “Hey Siri, and ask, Read my last WhatsApp message.” 
  • Once the command is given, Siri will tell the user who has sent the last message and read it out. The virtual assistant will also ask users if they wish to replay the messages received. 
  • Along with this, the update introduces visual improvements to the Calls tab, Contacts info and Group info screens. The UI is now cleaner and icons are also newer.
  • Moreover, the update will enable users to select multiple statuses at once under the My Updates screen, which can then be forwarded to others. 
 Source: http://bit.ly/2puBNXP



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