Funskool is here to change the ‘Game’

  • If you were a child that grew up in the pre-internet era, we are sure board games would have been an integral part of your childhood. Today’s kids are replacing these colourful fun boards with small screens.
  • Does this make things tougher for toymakers? Jeswant, VP sales and marketingFunskool India, answers the questions.
  • “Party games are emerging” Board games are the fastest growing segment
    He mentions that families are getting together and spending a lot of time in indoor games.
  • “Knock-offs can’t be completely eradicated”
    The toy market is badly affected by knock-offs. It is challenging to completely eradicate these. The most ripped-off toy is Rubik’s Cube.
  • Online business is growing much faster than expected”
    As far as marketing is concerned, Funskool is purely focused on in-store activities and advertising on television. “
    Interestingly, Funskool’s online business is growing much faster than expected. Last year, 15% of Funskool’s business from online sales.
  • When asked if they are open to developing mobile games, Jeswant said that they want to continue in the traditional space.


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