France’s Top Body Wash Looks to Make it Big in U.S.

  • The name denotes smallness, but body wash Le Petit Marseillais is big in France. It is France’s leading body wash, used in more than half the country’s households and already sold in more than 20 countries.
  • Launched in 1980s and acquired by Johnson & Johnson in 2006, it launched in U.S. last month with the launch of 5 body wash products, backed by digital and social media plus scented magazine ads.
  • The brand rolls into Walmart’s speciality bath and body sections with a fuller 17-item line that includes body lotions. They are not following the traditional launch model using TV.
  • They are creating a grassroots movement for Le Petit Marseillais by using digital media as their primary source. They feel the S. market is perfect as there is a lot of fondness for everything French.

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