Ferrari Logo Meaning and History

  • The entire world is familiar with the famous Ferrari “prancing horse” There’s a unique story behind how the logo became the face of Ferrari today.
  • The horse was initially the sign of the famous Francesco Baracca. He was a legendary pilot of the Italian Air Force in World War I, who depicted it on the wing of his planes.
  • Francesco Baracca died very yearly on June 19 in 1918, shot down later on 34 victorious fights and many team triumphs. He soon turned into a national hero. Francesco Baracca had wanted to depict the hopping horse on the planes because his team, the “Battaglione Aviatori”, became enrolled in a horse regiment, and also since he was the best cavalier at his team.
  • The horse was depicted on the board of the fighter airplane of Francesco Baracca, famous heroic pilot of the World War I. In 1923, Mr Enzo Ferrari (founder of Ferrari) met Baracca’s father, Mr Enrico Baracca, and then his mum, Mrs Paulina, who told Enzo one day to put her son’s hopping horse on the cars. She said that it necessarily would bring him a success.
  • The horse became, and still is, coloured in black, and Ferrari added the yellow field symbolizing the colour of his native Modena.
  • This animal has brought great flourish to the company. Ferrari horse was, initially markedly different from original Baracca horse in many details, the notable being the tail which in the original Francesco Baracca version was depicted downward.
  • The hopping horse reflects power and nowadays fans of the company instantly feel sports and speed vehicles when they consider Enzo Ferrari logo.

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