Diwali campaign- Fevicol ka Mazbood Jod

India’s iconic adhesive brand Fevicol has advertisements that are always full of intelligent humour. It never lets us down with our expectations. They have always succeeded in leaving a mark in the mind of the customer because of their catchy and funny visuals. So, this Diwali both of their campaigns are brilliant, relatable and clearly conveys the message which they intended to communicate.
  • “Bhool se bhi pair maat rakhna” as rangoli easily gets spoiled and if you step on it you will get stuck to it.
  • “Kya ye rocket udega” in this campaign they have conveniently merged core component of the brand and social cause pollution-free Diwali.
Bitly:https://bit.ly/2OUxCNi, https://bit.ly/2FC0gn2

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