Croma experiences benefits of digital space

Croma is an infinity retail store of electronics owned by Tata Group.  It has its presence in 21 cities and, 112 stores across India. They have an e-commerce portal which is primarily used to drive customers to their stores, as Croma is not keen on becoming an online player.

        Over the years’ footfall has increased, which can be vouched from the increase in sales over the period of time.

        There has been an increase in engagement on various social media platforms from the past 1-2 years. The company strongly believes that a person evaluates any given product based on the information available online.

        Croma also believes that offline stores help in building trust among the customers and motivates them to come back to the store for another purchase. This statement, the company backs up with the fact that 50 to 70 per cent of their sales comes from repeated customers.

        Croma has been giving its attention to the complaints that they are receiving via social media.

        Recently Croma started offering lifetime after-sales-service as competition has escalated both online and offline.

Croma’s presence on digital space has proven to be an advantage as it has benefited the company in every way. Croma booked profits in 2018. Also, the after-sales-services offered by the company inspires their customers to be loyal to them.





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