Candy maker Mars looks to cut greenhouse gases from its supply chain

Candy manufacturer Mars Inc. is aiming to curb greenhouse gas emission from its supply chain in order to protect the planet.
  • The other reason for taking this step is the need to address the sustainability issues across its supply chain in a bid to help meet goals from the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • Mars is using every best possible natural means to increase the productivity of the cocoa crops.
  • It has also begun conversations with its suppliers including mint oil manufacturers regarding potentially transitioning to renewable energy.
  • The company already uses renewable energy to power its operations in U.S. and U.K. markets.
  • Mars is also focusing on reducing poverty in the production of its core crops like cocoa, mint and rice and addressing human rights violation.
  • Labour exploitation and deforestation has been the major issues for crops like cocoa and palm oil. Strict actions are being taken against these problems.
  • “Forced labour has no place in our supply chain, so we are very focused on making progress against that,” said Pharoah, Mars Vice President of Corporate affairs.
Mars is one of a number of U.S. firms, including Walmart Stores Inc. and Apple Inc. that have committed to curbing climate change. The company now said it will cut greenhouse gas emissions across its supply chain by 67% by 2050. Mars is setting a beautiful example of sustainable development.

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