Britannia Good Day and MEC India Join Hands to Launch Campus Digital Radio Station for Youth

  • Britannia Good Day along with MEC Wavemaker, has launched Campus Radio, the first ever brand owned digital radio station. The brand aims to reach out to its young target audience with an aim to promote ‘Smiletainment’ – content that encourages youth to smile more.
  • Campus Radio covers the topic that interests the youths like music, sports, fashion, trends & films in a youthful and campus reporting format, by partnering with com and Radio Mirchi.
  • Youth are predominantly mobile natives and this platform wishes to be the youth’s go to radio station for entertainment, music and staying updated.
  • Also, other segments that are included in the station are ‘What the Buzz’, which talks about all the happening trends around college campuses across metros, including current affairs and news, ‘Binge Watch’ which gives a preview of the hottest content on YouTube and provides a forum to discuss all the updates on the current TV series and many more to keep the listener hooked.
  • Campus Radio in collaboration with Radio Mirchi has reached out to 80 colleges in 8 metros to date.

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