After unveiling RaceMo, TAMO planning to develop electric car, shared mobility vehicle

  • TAMO, the Tata Motors incubator is set to launch a sports car. 
  • Next in line from the Tata Motors’ sub-brand are an electric car and a vehicle meant for shared mobility providers, the Olas and Ubers of the world. 
  • The sports car and other vehicles in the TAMO pipeline are meant to showcase the technological and design capabilities of the automaker as it tries to capture the attention of the Indian buyer and overcome the perception that it hardly moved since launching the Indica hatchback in 1998. 
  • Vehicles with the TAMO badge are likely to be priced higher than Tata’s other cars. 
  • Most of the connected technologies that the RaceMo is going to showcase will be available on the AMP or X4 platform based vehicles the company plans to launch post 2018-19.
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