Advertising best tool to reach consumers

According to a national survey conducted by experiential marketing agency NeoNiche, a majority of respondents said the most favoured tool to best reach customers was advertising. The survey took responses from marketing professionals across 11 verticals. It found that TV ads continue to dominate spends on advertising and promotions. The other findings were as follows:
  • When asked what the best tool for knowing customer preference is, a majority stated that an end to end mapping of customer journey was essential, followed by the later majority which claimed that knowing pain points of consumers was crucial.
  • The best way to generate sales, when given an option between Event marketing or Advertising or a winning mix of both, the last option got the most hits.
  • The majority of spending on growth in the last 12 months by these professionals was on the market penetration strategy, followed by product/service development and lastly market development and diversification.
  • For a holistic understanding of consumers, when asked which was an adequate source of information, it was found to be industry surveys and expert forecasts followed by big data analytics and traditional sources such as news, trade media and events. Social media, surprisingly found the least popularity in the opinion of the professionals who responded to the survey.
The survey proved to be enlightening, revealing the true happenings of the marketing world straight from the horse’s mouth.

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