Yehi hai Nutrichoice, baby: How Britannia’s health food brand is making its mark

Britannia Industries is one of India’s leading food companies and is among the most trusted food brands in India. It has planned to make the youngest brand in its portfolio, “Nutrichoice” healthier, both for consumer and company.
  • Currently, NutriChoice has been only about 10% of Britannia’s portfolio, but its importance in overall portfolio is much more as it provides the thought-leadership in the health space.
  • The current range includes classic Digestive, Digestive Zero, Diabetes Friendly Essentials, 5-Grain and most recently Oats Cookies – Orange & Milk etc.
  • Nutrichoice is trying to open up the category with new products, accessible price points, and easier availability. However, there has been an increasing competition for Britannia in this category.
  • Consumers are not satisfied with the taste and high prices which have led to the low adoption of Nutrichoice.
  • Britannia has launched integrated brand-campaign ‘#power of a good choice’ to urge consumers to make healthy choices to increase the overall market for such products.
  • Today, health portfolio might be a niche category in terms of volumes and also constitute a strain on the profits but they will be a success in the future.
  • Brands today just repackage the existing products in a healthier avatar to portray it as a healthy food in the market.
  • A true test of a hardworking brand is one that leverages R&D strength, to fund and further research and build products that are genuinely healthy, while being tasty and yet appealing to masses.
Hopefully, Nutrichoice will be able to bridge a gap between Health and taste and provide consumers with the best healthy snack in future.

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