Advertising and Filmmaking- An interview with Joyeeta Patpatia

Today in this digital era all brands are focussing on the customer satisfaction and customer delight. Every brand wants to connect with its customers at an emotional level that will help them increase their brand equity.

Various brands have come up with amazing ads and movie clips which have been unique and emotionally heart touching for the people. Ideas and execution of these take a huge effort on the part of the marketers, filmmakers and everyone involved.

We got the opportunity to interview Ms. Joyeeta Patpatia one of the best ad film makers from Mumbai. She has shared with us about how her experience has been throughout these years in the ad filmmaking industry.

  • What made you choose this field?

I was always very fidgety and didn’t like being bored during vacations. So I started off with event management and worked behind the scenes of a lot of shows like the Filmfare awards and fashion shows. I loved the adrenaline of putting something together and watching it come alive. Advertising was something that always excited me and I knew soon enough that I wanted to work in film and in advertising so what better than ad filmmaking!

  • Were there any hurdles you faced during your education or career?

When I was 17 there was only BA Bcom and BSc to choose from.  I think I got very lucky that they introduced BMM the year that I finished my 12th. I was the first batch that graduated and honestly we converted all the hurdles to our advantage. One hurdle I would say is we worked 12-15 hours especially at the beginning of my career because in advertising everything was considered urgent. Looking back, I think it was not very healthy and hope people start managing their time better and learn to work within reasonable hours.

  • You have done a lot of campaigns (Short ads/movie clip) for various brands, which one has been the most memorable one for you? 

My first film for ‘catch the rain’ was by default the most memorable one. I had to make a fish act and it was not easy! I shot it one day after my son’s 1st birthday and it was my own birth as a director 🙂

  • What advice would you like to give our readers who want to take up this field? 

Focus on what you want from your career. There are many options in advertising and filmmaking industry. Come to the field with clarity of thought and you will achieve everything you set out to achieve. There’s no magic in filmmaking, it’s a lot of sweat blood and tears but the satisfaction of seeing something you created make a difference in someone’s life is worth everything 🙂



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