Treebo guests will now engage with MintM bots 

  • MintM, which builds an interactive ‘Engagement Bot’, a cloud-based smart digital signage solution, has partnered with Treebo Hotels. 
  • The technology will allow Treebo guests to interact with the bot, which will display relevant content, respond and track expressions, and generate useful statistics around customer engagement. 
  • Treebo will deploy screens at their properties and will share interactive content and offers with the guests through the bots.
  • Treebo plans to install around 500 such bots in their network hotels over the next two years. As part of the pilot programme, Treebo will place these 32-inch digital panels in high-traffic areas, such as lobbies, receptions, and waiting lounges of each property. 
  • During their stay in the hotel, guests can interact with the bot and receive information from selected third parties so they can learn about the city they are in, view tourist itineraries and plan trips to destinations nearby.

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