Can nostalgia restore the pride of major renowned brands?

  • Nokia 3310’s comeback news got many people excited across the world, especially Kenyans, who stayed loyal to Nokia brand & were among the first to own handsets & sim-cards back then.
  • Kenyans recalled their fond memories of how buying a phone, SIM card was a costly affair.
  • Nokia 3310 will hit the stores across different countries in the coming months, offering a long-awaited re-union with phone lovers of one of the most loved & cherished mobile handsets.
  • Nokia, that fell victim to the digital whirlwind, is banking on nostalgia to win customers or tapping into fond memories.
  • Kodak, just as Nokia, is tapping into nostalgia to make a comeback.
  • Kodak’s film cameras were also rendered out of fashion by new digital technology, for which Kodak stopped making digital cameras, pocket video cameras & digital picture frames & unveiled Kodak Ektra- an android phone to join the digital fray.
  • Nostalgia can also backfire. Brands who rush into employing retro-strategies without placing the modern world in context may be seen as out of touch or irrelevant.
  • Therefore brands must create an emotional hook using nostalgia while also offering something new, a combination of past & present.
  • For Ex: Nokia 3310, will come with the Internet, which has become a must-have for most mobile phone users along with the promise of new battery life that its predecessor was loved for.


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