LeEco replicates India strategy for its US entry

  • Chinese technology giant LeEco is trying to replicate its India strategy of price disruption to gain a foothold in the US market.
  • It will sell smartphones and smart TVs with content, smart bikes, and VR (virtual reality) sets. It’s a market where Apple, Samsung, and Amazon have a strong hold.
  • For the entry in India, LeEco had used pricing as a major differentiator and it entered via the e-commerce channel.
  • In the US, LeEco has partnered with content providers such as Lionsgate, MGM, Showtime, Vice Media, Awesomeness TV, A+E, and others. The content will be fed into its smart devices.
  • “We have created a new business model that will lead the next era of technology the ecosystem era. We are disrupting several categories and changing the paradigm by breaking down barriers and boundaries between industries and screens to create a better experience and more value for individuals and industries, “said Y T Jia, founder, chairman and CEO of LeEco.
  • In India, LeEco, which has now started selling on several leading e-commerce platforms, is also looking to increase the contribution from its own online channel, Lemall.
Source: http://bit.ly/2eGjRjK