How Nykaa’s digital advertising strategy translates into an increase in sales

The trend of smartphones and digitisation has made smartphones and tablets the most personalised way for brands to reach their customers.
  • Nykaa realized the importance of looking beyond organic traffic and email advertising. They wanted to reach out to their customers through their preferred platforms like smartphones, mobile web and mobile apps.
  • With Criteo’s Retargeting and Criteo Engine solutions, the e-commerce platform was able to deliver personalised ads to shoppers based on their browsing behaviour across devices.
  • Criteo’s technology allows them to engage shoppers on both their app and website, which is extremely critical given that more consumers are primarily using their mobile devices to surf and purchase Nykaa’s products leading to an increase in sales.
In this highly competitive market, it is even more important for brands to reach potential shoppers in a more personalised fashion so that they actually complete the purchase and do not lose interest and shift to another website.


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  1. An advertiser has many options when it comes to communicating with an audience. It can provide an ad experience that includes a game or video, which typically rolls into a brand-time initiative. Or it can allow the viewer or user to click something or fill out a form and submit information in the hope of getting potentially useful personal information (this form of advertising is called direct response).

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