How Myntra, Paytm and other startups are driving gender diversity agenda

Many Startups are taking an initiative to remove the gender diversity gap
  • Paytm took the initiative by providing an email helpline for female employees so that they can address any issue and easily communicate with the senior leaders at the firm.
  • Myntra named several meeting rooms after renowned woman technologists and leaders across the world, to drive better sensitivity towards gender diversity.
  • Jugnoo(hyperlocal Startup) with 40% female workers assigned a special area at the office called ‘Minions Play Area’ where employees can keep their children when they came into the office.
  • Many other Startups like Go-Jek India and Urban Ladder are putting efforts to remove this gap by providing double referral fee to the employee who refers a female candidate and is having an open discussion in the workplace to help set goals around gender sensitization.
As a diverse team is better in decision making and perform better financially, it is better to get more women staff early on in the business. Even big corporation like Uber stumbled because they did not build enough diversity in culture early on.


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