HDFC Bank’s ‘Eva’ becomes India’s smartest chatbot

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based chatbot ‘Eva’ built for HDFC bank by Bengaluru-based Senseforth AI Research has successfully addressed over 2.7 million customer queries in six months to become the country’s largest banking chatbot.
  • ‘Eva’ is India’s first AI-based banking chatbot, built using the latest Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI technologies.
  • ‘Eva’ handles a lot of banking related intents, tracks, and analysis everyday customer issues and understands their behaviour pattern.
  • ‘Eva’ can assimilate knowledge from thousands of sources and provide answers in simple language.
  • In today’s digital world ‘Eva’ has offered the true power of conversational experience to its customers on all the digital platforms such as the website, mobile site and the dedicated portal for the bank’s customers.”
  • ‘Eva’ offer customers a quick access to the bank’s product details, fees and charges for various products, application processes, branch IFSC Codes and a lot more information.
Going forward, ‘Eva’ would be able to handle real banking transactions as well, which would enable HDFC bank to offer the true power of conversational banking to its customers. New technologies like AI through chatbot will be very beneficial to the customers in the future.

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