Growing up in Cornwall, England, ‘William Hamley’ might have become a tin miner or a fisherman but William had other ideas. He dreamed of opening the best toy shop in the world. Hamleys has been a landmark on London’s Regent Street for more than a century now.
  • In the early days it was called as the “Joy Emporium” and later over the years it was renamed as ‘Hamleys’.
  • Queen Mary awarded Hamleys a Royal warrant in 1938, just seven years after Walter Lines bought and rejuvenated it and then Queen Elizabeth II gave it a second Royal Warrant, identifying it as a “toys and sports merchants.”
  • As a producer of toys Hamleys has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) which is committed to toy safety standards.
  • Hamleys gives its customers a Retail theatre experience and personalized attention whenever they visit the store. Over the squeaking, bleeping, whizzing and chiming of toys, you hear children laughing excitedly as they goggle at the sheer choice over seven floors of toys and games at Hamleys London.
  • The toys they sell are the most important part of their business and they are committed to ensuring quality, safety and international toy standards.
  • Its packaging and labelling is factual, accurate, complies with all relevant legislation and provides adequate protection to the product during transit.
  • Suppliers and factories are constantly monitoring their processes and are always looking for ways in which they can improve.
  • They offer skills and competency training in all departments and at all levels to support and encourage the development of their teams.
Today, with over 255 years of experience in bringing smiles and laughter to children, Hamleys is known and trusted all over the world.  It was opened a long time ago and the toys might have changed today but it still offers the same happiness as it used to. 
Source: http://bit.ly/2kaQVIzhttp://bit.ly/2BmOhTm

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