Goodbye, Yahoo Messenger! Thanks for the memories’  

90’s was the time when Indian kids would wait in long queues in front of cybercafé just to play their favourite video game on the computer. Back then, the options were very limited, no WhatsApp or YouTube and even the internet was limited. And now a part of that nostalgic recollection faded a tad more.
  • Yahoo messenger will no longer work after July 17, 2018. The instant messaging service that changed the world with that crisp icebreaker called ASL short for Age, Sex, Location.
  • Even when Gmail and Whatsapp have become part of our lingo. Yahoo messenger still holds a special place.
  • The service was clearly ahead of time and was the coolest thing in the early 2000’s.
  • Even before Emojis become famous Yahoo messenger already had Emojis, Stickers and Avatar as well.
  • Yahoo Messenger was known for its Chat Rooms where people would talk to each other in group chats. You could meet random people in the chat room and exchange mail ids and these gave rise to ASL which initiated conversation.
  • Chatting gave the liberty to speak as long as we wanted without any people hearing us. Privacy was the best part.
  • The farewell blog post of Yahoo says that it is working on replacement product which is an invite only messaging app called Yahoo Squirrel.
  • It is currently in its beta stage of development so there is no word yet on when it is going official.
Suddenly their once revolutionary digital universe of sleazy chat rooms, webcams, chat in the backdrop of falling autumnal leaves had officially turned into a piece of 90’s kitsch that together with phantom cigarettes, old Doordarshan ads and floppy discs will now remind them of their own inevitable decay.

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