From Pickwick to Phantom Cigarettes, brands of our past are still going strong

  • The brand’s kids favoured and loved in the 80s and 90s have, today, been lowered to Buzzfeed videos & listicles on #ThingsOnly90sKidsRemember & #Only80sKidsWillRemember.
  • Phantom Cigarettes, Piknik, Poppins, Natraj & Camel compass boxes and the Peppy tomato discs are some of these.
  • Gums with its freebie tattoos that only worked after an application of water or spit & washing off the ink in time for school the next day typically meant losing two layers of skin & mourning for the loss.
  • Few brands still survive outside the realm of nostalgia and listicles, despite wider range of choices available today.
  • Pickwick, the wafer biscuit & familiar brand that found itself in many a tiffin boxes has been in existence for over 30 years despite a competitive biscuit market.
  • Pickwick which had a large number of products, downsized their portfolio, resulting in killing some products & focusing on the popular ones.
  • The company had one commercial way back in 1987 & hasn’t advertised on television since & chose to channel investments into distribution and retail, instead of splurging on telly ads.
  • However in 2016, the brand became active on social media to reengage with old consumers & attract new ones.



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