Flipkart introduces ‘anti-theft’ packaging

E-commerce major Flipkart has developed India’s first “anti-theft” packaging to secure goods from in-transit theft and tampering. The unique and exclusive pilferage protection box is currently awaiting patent grant and incorporates special security features in shipment.
  • It is designed specifically for high-net products like mobiles, tablets, and watches and comes with several new protective features.
  • It not only brings in a new ‘unboxing’ experience for Indian shoppers, but also ensures that customers do not receive stolen or damaged shipments.
  • Shipments are packed with 100 per cent tamper-proof packaging and in case a package has been tampered with, the next supply chain person or customer can easily detect it and reject the product.
  • These special boxes come with additional unique features such as, single top opening, inside flap interlocking, hidden notches in the corners and seal by shipping label.
  • The shipping label is further enabled with special security features that will forbid reprinting or duplication of label outside.
The latest innovation by Flipkart will enable them to squarely tackle issue related to pilferage, while reducing packaging material cost, packing process, and shipment volumes, giving them a competitive edge over other e-commerce players.
Source: http://bit.ly/2f92JbX


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